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The versatile hot sauce.

Cholula fanbase obsess over Cholula, not because of its spice level but rather the spices it brings to a dish.

The peppery pioneers' craft.

We don't know who, how, or what situation led to these startling pairings, but they're good - shockingly good.

Celebrate the shockingly good.

Time to shine a light at the unconventional Cholula pairings - creating a world of spicy possibilities


Phase 1:
Introduction to Social media competition

Cholula Social Post


Phase 2:
Results/Reactions to competition

Cholula website Submission results

Taste test video:

Cholula Team Submission Review Video

Phase 3:
Campaign launch based on Submissions


Cholula Prints Mockup
Cholula Sundae
cholula sandwhich print
Cholula pancakes print

Video Spots:

Cholula Baseball Game TV Spot
Cholula Ice Cream TV Spot


Are you daring enough to experience the shockingly good?

Give it a try with our nationally traveling pop up cafe.

Cholula Experiential
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