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The 8PM switch to Nighttime programming.  

Adult Swim, the adult-oriented nighttime version of Cartoon Network. After a day of family friendly shows, and the clock strikes 8PM, the parents quickly fumble for the remote to turn off the TV.

The late night TV destination.

The fever dream of Adult Swim, has developed a cult following  of young adults that lack enough brain cells to compute traditional shows, enjoy cursing meatballs, and  hate conformity

A new target audience, for a better tomorrow.

There's also another demographic for [as], quite the opposite of the devotees, they dread the 8PM countdown and everything it means. Finally give those lame boomers the attention they've been begging for. 

Adult Swim Parent Post 1

Generate social media efforts to showcase the parents that hate adult swim.

Adult Swim Parent Post 2
Adult Swim P.A.A.S. Website

P.A.A.S. (Parents Against Adult Swim)
Create website and social media channels 

Tie back social media efforts to P.A.A.S.

Adult Swim P.A.A.S. Website 3
Adult Swim P.A.A.S. Website 2
Adult Swim Script

P.A.A.S. (the new appointed executives of Adult Swim) enforce their doctrines. 



Adult Swim OOH 1
Adult Swim OOH 2
Adult Swim OOH 3
Adult Swim OOH 4

TV Spot:

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